Residential Commercial Design in RI and MA

Residential interior designA commercial interior designer must not only introduce creativity of design but also be fully pragmatic with respect to the use of the commercial space and the durability of all materials used. Every business has different needs with respect to style, color palette, materials, and client (and employee) interaction with the space.

Kim LaFontaine will bring her creativity and practical use of space to the business owner.

Click to to see examples of Kim's commercial interior design work.

Kim offers all of the following services and depending on the requirements of the client each project may use all or just some or all:

  • Space planning
  • Interior design concept development
  • Transformation of the client's vision and into an, in budget, practical interior design plan
  • Accent lighting
  • Generate project time frames and budget guidelines for each budget item
  • Development of bid specifications
  • Color and material selection which will meet the needs of the commercial use of the establishment
  • Selection of all materials, colors, light fixtures, artwork etc. A popular option is for Kim to accompany the client on shopping trips to evaluate ideas and materials
  • Procurement of materials
  • Evaluation of all competitive proposals, selection of suppliers and contractors.
  • Management and supervision of the installation

Kim's goal is to create a unique space that delivers the vision of her clients and will create a commercial design focused on productivity.

Please contact Kim to arrange a consultation and take the first step to transforming your home.

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