Home Staging

RI and MA House Staging Interior DesignIs the preparation of the interior design of a home with the goal of increasing the opportunity to:

  • Sell the home by making the interior of the home appealing to as many buyers as possible
  • maximize the sales value of the home

The benefits of staging you home are discussed in these article

There are many steps that the homewoner can take to improve the staging of thier home such as:

  • Clear kitchen countertops
  • Reorganize your furniture
  • remove excess furniture
  • Remove uneccessary objects from your home - less-is-more because it provides the buyer with a 'ready to move in' feel
  • Patch and paint all walls that need some tender loving care
  • Move you lights to provide lighting accents to be used during house showings

The above are some of the actions that a home seller can take but often the seller needs assistance with the above and this is where Kim LaFontaine can help to sell the home. Not only will she offer guidence on the clean-up and reorganization but will bring in rental furniture and home accenst to maximize the sales opportunity. Kim has deiiferent levels of staging services depending on the requirements of the client:

  • Home staging consultation
  • Occupied Home staging
  • vacant home staging
  • model home interior design
  • One-day Makeovers

Kim LaFontaine has experience both in staging existing homes for sale and staging show homes for builders. If you would like to increase the opportunity to sell your home for more money then please contact Home Staging Interior Designer Kim LaFontaine

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